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Imagine being white. Don’t imagine turning white, but imagine yourself right now, at you current age and sex, but having been born and raised white right here in America.

How would you be different?

I read Steven Thrasher’s Village Voice piece entitled “White America Has Lost it’s Mind” and I’m about to pay it the highest compliment that I can pay towards anything I’ve read: it made me laugh.

However, I think the one thing that Mr. Thrasher misjudged about white America is that they haven’t all gone crazy, it’s just that never before in American history have their fears been so nakedly exposed.

Before, they’d always allowed themselves a sort of condescension towards anything and anybody that wasn’t white like them, now that condescension has turned to anger, but not the anger that one expresses towards a mild but tolerable annoyance, white people now seem to be suffering from the kind of anger that you’ll find in the second stage of the Kubler-Ross model for the five stages of grief:

1.      Denial

2.    Anger

3.      Bargaining

4.      Depression

5.      Acceptance

So what are white people grieving over? Well, it’s not the lost of White Supremacy, my friends.

See, unlike a lot of the subjugated people across the globe, white people never actually believed in White Supremacy. They didn’t have to. It was more important that we all did.

White Supremacy is the Santa Clause that the white “adults” gave to all us black and brown colored “children”.

So what white people are grieving over is the same thing that they’re afraid of. This is why I suggested at the very beginning that you imagine being white.

I wanted you to think about everything in your life that you’ve learned and know and how that all affected you, then imagine learning and knowing all the same things, but this time as a white person.

Scary, ain’t it?

I don’t write all this to let us wild, savage, backsliding and backbiting descendants of West Africans off the hook because certainly, this existence of ours right here in the wilderness of North America is evidence that we’re currently paying for something.

But if you were white and you looked over a history of slavery, oppression, colonization and genocide, there is and would be only one thing in the world that you would fear and ironically, it’s the same thing that sanctimonious white people are always simultaneously calling for and demanding:



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