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*Renowned Columbia University professor Marc Lamont Hill is currently suing the Philadelphia Police Department for harassment. He said an officer (Richard DeCoatsworth) harassed him on June 12.

Recapping the events of the evening, the lawsuit claims Hill was dropping off a friend around 12:30 a.m. on June 12 when the officer and his partner pulled up behind him and motioned him to move. Hill says he told officers he was dropping off a friend and they (the police) drove off without incident.

The suit also claims that after Hill left the scene the officers pulled him over and ordered him to vacate the car.

According to reports, the professor said Officer DeCoatsworth dragged him out of the car by the left arm and searched the vehicle without a warrant. He also says the officer and his partner asked him whether he could afford his vehicle and went through his checkbook.

The lawsuit adds that DeCoatsworth slammed Hill against his vehicle, pushed his fist into Hill’s back and threatened to take him to jail before letting him go without citation or arrest.

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Article Courtesy of Electronic Urban Report – eurweb