Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis diverged from the topic at hand — the county land bank — to make a public plea for the resignations of two of his county colleagues.

“I’ve said this before, not that they’re going to listen, but I want to say it again and I’ll say it publicly both to the commissioner, Jimmy Dimora, and to the county auditor, Frank Russo. And that is that they really need to step down,” Rokakis said today during a forum at the City Club of Cleveland.

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His comments came a day after federal authorities charged a local contractor with bribing Dimora and Russo in a number of ways, including hiring a prostitute who visited Dimora during a trip to Las Vegas. The charges do not identify the two county officials by name, but the description matches Dimora and Russo. They have not been charged with a crime and have repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

“You know, I had a debate with a couple of people last night about why I would even mention this and I suppose it’s because so few people have said it,” he said.

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