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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and tonight we’re not only bringing more awareness to this issue! But we’re celebrating the lives lost and shining a light on those shamed by this senseless violence! So many times people turn a blind eye when you bring up the topic of domestic violence, maybe because some people feel that it’s an easy fix, ‘just leave’! Well I’m here to tell you sometimes the easiest answer may not be the solution. I remember as a kid seeing blood and thinking ‘who did it belong to’? My mother sobbing uncontrollably and as a kid I had no idea my life was about to change forever!

In 1984 I lost the one person that I admired at the time, my Aunt, to domestic violence. At the time I had to be about 13 and even though I was excited to have house guests, I knew they we’re here because something bad had happened! My Aunt Judy and my 2 Cousins James and Katelawere now  staying with us for a while. I remember it was Easter weekend and because Church was a big deal in my house, I was excited to celebrate with my visiting family. Easter came and went but with no family celebration, just a bunch of tears with hundreds of family and friends mourning the death of my Aunt Judy. My Aunt was killed by the same boyfriend she was trying to free herself from earlier that week. Apparently he followed her with the intent to kill her because she wanted out of their relationship.  He shot my Aunt until she took her last breath and then killed himself. Judy Denise Dye was a beautiful person, full of life! She was a Mother of 2 and the Aunt that never  got to see me grow! I miss her and tonight I will be shining a purple light for her.

Come join us at 7pm on Veterans Memorial Bridge.