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The Independent and Objective Article Below by CNN Shows a Spoken and Literary Track Record that Seems to Prove that Bishop Eddie Long Didn’t Do What He Is Accused Of Doing

Bishop Eddie Long has talked bluntly about homosexuality and his attitude toward women in his sermons and books.
Bishop Eddie Long, his face glistening with sweat, paces onstage before his cheering congregation.
Bishop Eddie Long has talked bluntly about homosexuality and his attitude toward women in his sermons and books.

He’s preaching about the Bible, the role of a preacher, and “fresh sperm.”
“The word of God is potent. The word of God is His sperm,” Long thunders. “The job of the preacher is to bring fresh sperm and when he speaks it, the womb — the church — is to take it in and say, ‘Sho’ you’re right.’ “

The video of that sermon, delivered during the early days of Long’s ministry in the 1990s, has gone viral. And now it is being discussed in the context of four lawsuits that claim the 57-year-old Long used his spiritual authority to coerce four young men into sexual relationships with him.
Long has denied the allegations, characterizing them as assaults against him and New Birth Missionary Church, his 25,000 member megachurch in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.
Since his denial, Long has stopped talking publicly about the allegations. Yet debate about the scandal persists. Many people are trying to figure out: Who is Long? And what are his beliefs?
Long has already provided some of those answers, in his sermons and books. For the last three decades, he has publicly preached and written about some of the same issues raised in the lawsuits: homosexuality, his relationship with men, and his style of leadership at New Birth.
Art Franklin, a New Birth spokesman, did not return calls requesting an interview with Long.
In earlier sermons and books, though, Long has been open about his stance on an array of controversial topics.
Long explains why some boys are homosexuals
Take Long’s opposition to homosexuality. It’s been a part of his message for years. In his 1998 book, “I Don’t Want Delilah, I Need You!” he wrote that “The Bible has no provision for two people of the same sex to be married.”
“Two people of the same sex cannot reproduce in the physical natural realm, which is an outward manifestation of their inability to produce the fruit of righteousness in the spirit realm.”
In the same book, Long wrote that the devil convinces homosexuals that they have no control over their sexual orientation.
“Neither does God make a person to be a homosexual. Look at yourself naked in a mirror and see what God gave you. That’s who you are in God’s creation. Your parents … or someone else may have influenced you to engage in sexual behavior that was not godly, but God did not ordain that behavior for you.”
Long’s explanation for why some men are gay, though, may appear puzzling.
He put some of the blame on women, in “I Don’t Want Delilah, I Need You!”
“In a society, where little boys are exposed to grubby, cursing, dirty, cigarette-smoking road construction worker women, is it any wonder they stop chasing women and start chasing men?”
The proper role for men and women is a recurrent theme in Long’s books and sermons.
Men, he said, are different than women because they are made from the dirt. God, he said, made Adam from the dust of the earth.
“Men can look attractive when they’re dirty,” he wrote in “I Don’t Want Delilah, I Need You!”
“We see sweating, dirty, hardworking men on television all the time and we say to one another, ‘There’s a macho guy.’ But women were not made from the earth. God made women to be lovely, gentle, clean and beautiful on the inside and outside. They are to be strong in character.”
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