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Is MC Hammer trying to make a comeback? Or does he have a real agenda to expose some dirt?

It’s looking more and more like the old school brotha with the parachute pants is attempting to bring himself some press.

The rapper recently released a diss track toward Jay-Z.

Hammer vowed to expose the rap mogul who he calls Hell Boy for his alleged ties to devil worshipping (illuminati). J dissed Hammer a little while back with, “…And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused. I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30. Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.”

Well, Hammer is obviously unhappy with the disrespect and created an arguably low budget video with terrible acting called, “Better Run Run” that stars an overweight Jay-Z look-alike” running through the woods being chased by the devil.

Hammer spits, “Mr. devil he said can you give me a sign, he said, throw the Roc up that’s one of mine…” “That boy try to steal my swag, his finger prints all over the bag…imposter get him outta here. Imposter, the king is right here.”

At the end of the video, Hammer saves the Jay-Z stand in and then baptizes him.

What do you think?