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cedric-miller-offers-to-step-down.jpgRevelations earlier in the week that Pastor Cedric Miller had a three-way affair with a church worker 10 years ago hasn’t weakened his resolve to get church leaders to sign off on their Facebook accounts permanently.

Miller, during his approximately 50-minute Sunday service at the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church, again exhorted church leaders to get off Facebook, the Internet-based social network, asserting that it could lead to re-connections with romantic relationships from their past that would erode and eventually destroy their present marriage.

The approximately 300 member congregation showed strong support for Miller, coming to the foot of the pulpit several time to hold hands, recite prayers and in unison shouted “Amen” and “Praise Jesus.”
While no television cameras or photographers were allowed inside during the service, Miller and church leaders welcomed a few reporters to attend the roughly two-hour service.
“We originally decided that we would allow cameras in the sanctuary this morning,” Miller said. “But we thought about it last night and we couldn’t figure out how to do that and still maintain the sanctity of worship.”

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