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Jonathan Mattingly, one of the Louisville police officers involved in Breonna Taylor's killing, may need to find a new way to capitalize on her death after Simon & Schuster refused to distribute the disgraced cop's planned book.

For our "Power Issue, we spoke to actress-turned-director Oge Egbuonu about her film '(In)visible Portraits, the full circle moment in it premiering on OWN and how Halle Berry nurtured her career as a director.

Behind your favorite beauty brand is a Black woman who started out with a dream and turned it into a reality.

Amid health issues and her new documentary 'Tina,' we are celebrating Rock & Roll legend Tina Turner's transcendent and influential style.

“It's no longer about getting an opportunity. I think it's about making your own opportunities,” said Matsoukas.

Part explainer, part guidebook, Mariame Kaba’s latest book, "We Do This ‘Till We Free Us," offers readers an exploration through the real possibility of abolishing the prison industrial complex.

More than a memoir, Dr. Richardson’s new book, "Witness to Grace: A Testimony of Favor," is a roadmap to navigating a society not meant for Black people.

Chris Harrison, host of dating reality TV show and contest, "The Bachelor," apologized to Black people for his history of racism.

With all of its pomp and circumstance, Black artists have performed the traditional song with soul and valor, under the backdrop of a country that has systematically oppressed descendants of chattel slavery.

Cicely Tyson, the legendary and pioneering actress recognized for her stirring portrayals of strong Black women on the big and small screens and stage alike, has died. Here's a glimpse of her amazing life in photos.

Tommy "Tiny" Lister, the giant, musclebound actor who rose to fame through his portrayal of neighborhood bully Deebo in the cult classic movie "Friday," has died. He was 62 years old.

If you’ve seen thephrase “Ghetto Until proven fashionable”, you probably nod emphatically in agreement, screenshot it for later use, and let out a guttural sound of agreement as you think about all of the things that were normal fashion and beauty practices in your families growing up that are now on runways and glossy fashion magazines decades later. Good. That’s exactly what Naresha Willis, owner and designer of AVNU had in mind.