Here are some highlight videos from the Tribute to Ray Charles live from the White House. Including a performance by President Obama himself. Check out the videos below…     FOX Empire’s Jussie Smollett Anthony Hamilton Usher Demi Lovato President Barak Obama

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By Susie O. We thought Drake‘s instant hit “Hotline Bling” couldn’t get any hotter, but our uber cool Prez proves us wrong yet again. In…

Actor & Comedian Bill Cosby is pissed at ya boy Donald Trump. Cosby told Donald Trump to “run or shut up.” Cosby was on The Today Show to talk about his efforts to support education. Before Cosby’s segment, the news show ran Meredith Vieira’s exclusive interview with Trump on a potential run for President in […]

As protests erupted in Egypt, Washington struggled desperately to find the right response to the crisis. For three days straight, as the Cairo crisis gathered momentum, they had hardly left their desks. Now, huddled in the big office of their boss—one of the administration policy-makers trying to calibrate the U.S. response to the unfolding drama—the […]

  Free trade needs to grow even freer, U.S. President Barack Obama said Thursday as he and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak held a joint news conference in Seoul. Obama spoke of weeks, rather than months, till a new free trade agreement is reached with South Korea. Lee has agreed to send a team to […]