Black In America 4

Over the next few weeks, will highlight 3 Black entrepreneurs who are part of the NewMe Accelerator. The NewMe Accelerator is a program for minority led start-ups that will house a handful of visiting start-ups during the summer of 2011 in Silicon Valley. The three entrepreneurs, Pius Uzamere, Tiffani Bell, and Chris Bennett, will […]

Last week, Interactive One Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright interviewed CNN television personality Soledad O’Brien about the network’s popular Black in America series that will premiere this November. The fourth edition, which will surely focus on the re-election campaign of President Obama — and the issue of Black unemployment — will also dedicate a large […]

It was an historic last night in Mountain View, CA as the first annual New Me Accelerator program, designed to motivate African-American technological entrepreneurship, launched on the campuses of Google, Inc. Created by Angela Benton (founder) and Wayne Sutton, NME has been the continuation of Ms. Benton’s commitment to empower and create opportunity for African-Americans […]

From a very young age I witnessed my parents strive to create their businesses so they could work for themselves. My father badly wanted to stop dragging others luggage up and down Miami International Airport as a Skycap; and my mom wanted out of the corporate job that left her unhappy and unfulfilled. They went […]