Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas is at it again. On Saturday she proved she’s still got the goods and is on her way to competing for the gold in 2016 in Brazil. What we’re trying to say is that Douglas won the American Cup during competition in New Jersey, according to USA TODAY. The win sends an […]


“He just called me nigga!” says Obi. “Did you hear? He just called me nigga.” “He” is the White hot dog vendor who has, in…

Protesters are outraged at the lack of Afro-Brazilian and Black models in this year’s São Paulo fashion week. “We cannot accept the world of fashion insisting on being a stronghold for the Eurocentric,” said Frei Davi Santos, the Brazilian race campaigner behind the protests. The protesters are calling for a 20% quota of Black models, […]

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday and at least 13 people were killed, including the shooter. It was not clear whether the gunman, who is believed to be a former student at the school, shot himself or was killed by police. At […]

If you were to liken Brazil, the country, to an individual, she would the bronzed body you saw leading a float at Rio Carnaval, flawless from afar, shaking her body with a rhythm akin to the feet of an international soccer star like Ronaldihno.

(CNN) — Brazil’s new president-elect vowed to continue her predecessor’s move to fight against inequality and promote human rights and fight poverty in her victory speech Sunday night.

At 14 years old and 6’9”, Elisany Silva is the tallest teenager in the world. Her height hasn’t come without problems–she had to leave school and her parents don’t have enough money to determine the cause of or treat her inordinate growth.

A lethal combination of strong dry winds and brush fires created a stunning, if slightly terrifying,‘fire tornado‘ in Brazil. The whirlwind of fire, a rare phenomenon, was caught on camera as it glided across fields and brought highway traffic to a halt in the Brazilian municipality of Aracatuba. However, the flame, which was said to […]

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (CNN) — Nine-year-old Sean Goldman was reunited with his father here Thursday, and a few hours later they were flying home to the United States for their first holiday season together in five years, the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro said.