We hate to say we saw this one coming.   Lark Voorhies has filed for divorce from Jimmy Green. The former Saved By The Bell…

It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian’s divorce may soon be coming to a TV near you. Hollywood Life reported Friday that, should Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries land in court, the proceedings could be televised because California has an “open policy” on popular cases. If Kardashian wished to keep the proceedings private, she could either […]

It’s 2012, and some of us began the New Year newly single. While breaking up over the holidays can be devastating, it’s not the end of the world. Breakups hurt, and you should be allowed to grieve, but there are some mistakes that people make when dealing with a broken heart. If you just went […]

Sinead O’Connor has told how her search for drugs on her wedding night left her new husband “very frightened” and led to the breakdown of their short marriage. The Irish singer reveals she scared Barry Herridge off when she was handed “a load of crack” as she tried to track down marijuana just hours after […]