Most headlines involving Mexico over the past few years have revolved around some sort of drug cartel shootings, kidnappings or most recently, arson. Although the whole nation of Mexico is certainly not smothered in violence, many people in border towns are scared for their lives. Of the 40,000 deaths that have occurred since 2006 connected […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – 19 Action News has learned that CPD now think two church break-ins are connected and could be part of a church theft ring. Investigators have recovered some of the stolen goods from Holy Name in Slavic Village and ALL of the stolen items from Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland. Cops say they […]

There is something new – and unusual – going on at Mount Olive Baptist Church. It’s called a Kingdom Partnership. It is focused on what the church needs to do to remain relevant in today’s society and its goal is to help the struggling community around it. “The majority of churches that were full 20 […]

NEW YORK — Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead at the W Hotel in Times Square. Tims was the Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida. The New York Daily News Reports: It was not clear whether Tims was alone at the time of his death. The city’s medical examiner will perform an […]

More public places transformed into Sunday house of worship Churches are holding worship services in public places with greater regularity than some might think. It is not uncommon today to see portable church signs outside public buildings and schools on Sundays. Thousands of believers today are gathering more often in public schools, skating rinks, parks […]

The “Church Lady Bandit” has quickly become one of the most notorious bank robbers ever to hit Central Ohio. It was after a robbery at theFifth Third Bank downtown, that investigators say suspect Sylvete Gilbert was found in a nearby building after a dye pack exploded.

LONG ISLAND — Health officials are claiming that a person involved at the communion process has Hepatitis A at Our Lady of Lourdes in Long Island. MSNBC reports: Hundreds of people may have been exposed to hepatitis A while receiving communion on Christmas Day at a church, health officials said. The Nassau County Health Department […]

Facing an electoral bloodbath at the voting booth next Tuesday, Democrats are turning to a key part of their base — African-Americans — and are using the black church to help get voters to the polls. In an election where Republicans appear poised to recapture the House and possibly the Senate, strong black turnout could […]

A Billboard in Atlanta featuring Bishop Eddie Long and the words, “Love Like Him, Live Like Him, Lead Like Him” is causing controversy. Long’s Church, New Birth Missionary Church has claimed that the words are referring to Jesus, but it appears to be referring to Bishop Eddie Long, which would make the words “Love Like […]