Two years after its cancellation, “The Wire” has been given the respect given to authors like Dickens and Shakespeare, Hemingway or Langston Hughes. It has been given its own class at Harvard. Not only has it been given an undergraduate class at Harvard, but in this spring, “The Wire” will be taught at Harvard Law […]

USA Today is reporting that KFC has a unique marketing strategy to promote their “Double Down” sandwich. They are paying attractive college females $500 to wear sweatpants with “Double Down” and the KFC logo on the back where their butts are. Women on college campuses are being paid $500 each to hand out coupons while […]

All great businesses start with a bright idea. The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine today release their eighth rankings of 25 top graduate and undergrad university programs for budding entrepreneurs, whose bright ideas can turn into successful businesses.

As college students  gear up once again to taste the sweet freedom of the college campus, there’s one thing they’re not likely not focusing on: the probability that one out of four female college students will be raped before receiving a diploma. A recent study  from the Department of Justice estimated that 25 percent of […]

I don’t quote Ronald Reagan often, but the annual sight of parents taking new freshmen to college always reminds me of one of his sayings. Negotiating arms-control agreements with the Soviet Union, Reagan said that his principle was, “Trust — but verify”: We wouldn’t sign a treaty with the Soviets if there weren’t a basic […]

A Brooklyn teen who was about to start college spent four days in a coma after he was slammed to the ground by cops in a post-barbecue beatdown, his mother and lawyer say. Rahiym Holmes, 18, suffered a fractured skull and brain damage in the July 11 incident. He cannot walk without help and may never fully […]

FROM BV ON MONEY: Based on the data from, the major you choose in college can play a huge role in how much money you have in your pocket after you graduate. I don’t personally think that choosing a low-paying major is a bad thing, but you should probably make sure you know what […]

(CBS) President Obama delivered the commencement address today at Virginia’s Hampton University – his first as president to a predominantly African-American school. Fifty-five percent of African-American high school seniors go on to college these days, compared to 45 percent in 1970. But graduation day is another story, as CBS News correspondent Russ Mitchell reports. At Hampton University, […]

Ted Ginn, coach of Glenville High's football team, talks with Christian Bryant, right and James Gordon, left, after both seniors signed with their respective colleges on National Signing Day