It’s no secret Michelle Williams is often the butt of many Destiny Child’s jokes. But now, the songstress and actress has made it clear she has no problem with it and even takes a jab at herself in the latest Foot Locker commercial. The ad, released Tuesday, also stars Golden State Warriors player Draymond Greenand […]

getty: James Wright Chanel‘s video that had us hollering yesterday could be translating into big numbers for Wal-Mart’s bakery today. While some people were busy…

*A number of Republicans got riled up on Wednesday over a tweet from MSNBC regarding   Cheerios’ new Super Bowl ad featuring the biracial family.…

via CNN Ex-NBA great Charles Barkley isn’t afraid to show off his feminine side. To prove it, the Weight Watchers spokesman donned a wig, a black dress and some stilettos – Jennifer Hudson-style – to shoot a commercial for the diet giant, USA Today reports. In the new clip, Sir Charles saunters up to the […]

Jennifer Hudson sings to her old self in a new Weight Watchers commercial that contrasts svelte J.Hud with the plus-sized version of the star. In a commercial for the weight loss program reminiscent of the passé trend of living celebrities doing duets with dead stars, an upgraded Hudson does a beautiful rendition of “I Believe […]

Trey Songz is no stranger to taking it to the sheets for some on camera love-making in his music videos. Earlier today, Rocawear released a hot, sultry and too hot for TV teaser video for their new Evolution fragrance starring Trey Songz. Check out the short clip below: Earlier this year, Trey spoke with Uptown […]

Everywhere we look there is some form of what we feel is racism against one race or another.  But the constant bombardment of "Is this racist?" or "Is that racist?" is getting old.  If we wanna see what is racist we need to see who's behind the disproportionate unemployment amongst black families.  But, yet again, […]

Mariah Carey With “Lumps And A Gut” Show Out On Her Commercial For HSN! [Video]