via BBC News Credit card companies Visa and MasterCard and major US banks have agreed to a $7.25bn settlement to retailers over card fees. The case, which has been going on for seven years, is over firms colluding to fix the fees that stores pay to process credit and debt card payments. The settlement is […]


Ashley Dover, 22, Olivia Ray, 20, Tashanna Toler, 18, and Kieariah Collins, 20, all of Illinois, were arrested at a Target in Flowood, Mississippi, for their…

You ever truly wanted to give money to a homeless person, but just didn’t have any cash on you? Well these homeless guys have found a way around that: a credit card reader! LOL! Watch the video below to see how it works: Source

If you haven’t heard, big changes are here for the credit card industry. On Monday the CARD act goes into effect and consumers finally get some relief from such practices as “double-cycle billing” and arbitrary rate increases. The new act, which was signed into law last May, promises consumers more transparency about their credit card […]