I remember the day I found out that I can jump real high—about eight feet high. Now, I can’t jump that high intentionally, but I did it once when I was a little boy. There was a lady who lived behind our house from whose fruit trees we would occasionally feast and help ourselves. When […]

This week’s topic: Resurrection Resurrection Day is one of the best times, if not, THEE BEST TIME to celebrate. This is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is such a profound day. This is the day which Jesus conquered the grave and hell, which brought shame to the devil (Revelation 1:18). […]


    In my preteen years, I’d primarily been taught that holiness pertains to the outward appearance of being in right standing with God. If…

Daily Devotional Worship By Skip Heitzig This week’s topic: The Power of Praise There are a lot of activities that we do now that we won’t do in heaven. You will never evangelize anyone in heaven. You will never share the gospel or give out a tract in heaven. You will not pray in heaven; […]

Daily Devotional Stuck In The Middle By Dr. Marvin Moss This week’s topic: God’s Guidance Gen. 11:31–12:3 holds some important spiritual truths to help those of us who are stuck in the middle. God is calling for us to come out of that place that has us stuck. We may be stuck in sin, stuck […]

Daily Devotional Hearing From God By Bishop E. Earl Jenkins This week’s topic: God’s Guidance When God speaks to you it’s not always wise to rush out and tell people. Actually, it can hurt you! When God gives you a word of direction it’s often followed by a season of preparation. Who wouldn’t want to […]

Daily Devotional How Fear Can Rob Us By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price This week’s topic: The Fear Of The Lord Christians are protected from demonic powers, which, according to the Bible, walk about like roaring lions seeking whom they can devour (1 Peter 5:8), particularly the spirit of fear. That is why it is so […]

Daily Devotional I Didn’t Have To Do It By Overseer Christopher J. Harris This week’s topic: The Wisdom Of God I have had some decisions in life that I literally agonized over. I’m talking blood, sweat, and tears. I prayed, meditated, sought advice and counsel, read books and scriptures, wrote out pros and cons, slept on it, […]

Daily Devotional Exalting God By Greg Laurie This week’s topic: The Fear Of The Lord God put us on this earth to know Him and to glorify Him, but that comes as a revelation to some people. They think they are on this earth to make their mark on society, or to find a career and make […]

The What-If Syndrome Generally, I consider myself a person of great faith but recently after doing some self reflection I realized my faith may not be quite as strong as I thought. In fact I actually have what I have coined as the “what-if syndrome.” It seems I ask God a lot of questions about […]

Daily Devotional The Purpose of Time Alone with God By Brent Barnett This week’s topic: Time Alone With God The ultimate purpose of spending time with God is to commune with God. Man is made for relationship with God (Ecclesiastes 3:11), and thus, in order to have fullness of joy and to be what God […]

Dying To Live By Sharon Frame This week’s topic: Resurrection I was about nine-years-old when I first saw a dead person up-close. Some school kids heard an old woman in the neighborhood had just died. Morbid curiosity got the best of us. Before I knew it, we were making nervous tracks through a country dirt road and […]