CLEVELAND – Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District customers should expect an additional few dollars on their bill starting at the beginning of the year. On…

Here we go! Bank of America will charge its customers $5 a month to use their debit card starting in early 2012! The fee will apply to customers who use their debit card to make any purchases during the month, but won’t apply to those who only use it for ATM transactions. The BOA charge […]

If you haven’t heard, big changes are here for the credit card industry. On Monday the CARD act goes into effect and consumers finally get some relief from such practices as “double-cycle billing” and arbitrary rate increases. The new act, which was signed into law last May, promises consumers more transparency about their credit card […]

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District board will meet Thursday to vote on its controversial storm-water management program. The proposed program would address long-standing flooding, water-quality and erosion problems in the region.