Scam artists are targeting older Americans more than ever. Over the last decade, both complaints and financial losses among baby boomers have skyrocketed, and the trend is expected to accelerate as they age, according to a recent report by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received more than […]

(WOIO) – The unemployment rate in Ohio continued to climb for the third straight month.  It rose to 9.1 percent in August, up from 9 percent in July.  When will things get better?  The news does not look good for nearly 600 postal employees in Akron and Canton.  They are now among the thousands who […]

Financial Blessings is something everyone wants. One of the biggest worries and concerns in our lives is money. It can make a nice docile person a short tempered nasty troll.You may laugh but know that our human condition affects everything that we are. It changes our quality of life. Today is traditionally “Tax Day”. It […]

At Shaw High School in East Cleveland, there is a big push to teach students there about financial literacy. The program, called Smart Money Matters Literacy program is part of a course in personal finance which has grown out of the new Ohio education standards. Shaw High School is the first to start this new […]

Denver, CO — His account, her account or our account? What if one spouse brings more debt into the marriage than the other? Money is one of the top reasons for divorce – everything from a communication breakdown about money, lack of money and even overspending. The National Directory of Marriage and Family Counseling states, […]

Congrats, graduates!   You’re about to ride off into the sunrise. I know you’re traveling light, but the road before you is littered with hidden conditions, terms and penalties that can sink your finances before you get very far. So while you’re packing the sunscreen and the graduation gift money, consider taking along just a […]