Mike Tyson‘s latest knock-out doesn’t come from another boxer, but from riding a hoverboard. The former heavyweight champ seems to have the hang of it at the beginning, doing a few spins to show off for the ‘Gram. But as soon as he makes a sudden move to get down the hallway, the 49-year-old proves […]


Pope Francis became everyone’s favorite rapper Monday after a convincing photo inspired Twitter users to pair him with the hilarious #PopeBars hashtag.


It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we’re taking a look at all of the wild and crazy stories trending in this week’s news. Talk…

via CNN Ex-NBA great Charles Barkley isn’t afraid to show off his feminine side. To prove it, the Weight Watchers spokesman donned a wig, a black dress and some stilettos – Jennifer Hudson-style – to shoot a commercial for the diet giant, USA Today reports. In the new clip, Sir Charles saunters up to the […]

Bryant Gumbel is a crazy, fanatical Prince fan. How do we know? Compelling and conclusive video evidence, that’s how! The video comes from Gumbel’s last day as a co-host of the “Today” show. As is that program’s wont, there were acres of surprise guests, tears and testimonials from high-powered figures. (You can read this article […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Check out this year’s Super Bowl commercials and email us your favorite at web@19actionnews.com Plus! Tell us what you thought about the Black Eyed Peas halftime show in our web poll! See More Here: http://www.woio.com/Global/story.asp?S=13979399 Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News Recent Posts Time Warner Reports Outages During The Big […]

Tall Justice with Chris Bosh from Chris Bosh WTF VIDEOLINKS: Disturbing Video: Neglected Baby Plays in Traffic Almost Ran Over By A Truck [Where are The Parents?] WTF: White Girl Rapper Is Trying To Take Trina’s Place [MUSIC VIDEO] WTF: Woman’s Strip Tape Is Leaked On The Net… Not Sexy? [HOT MESS VIDEO] Dad Threatens […]