Article By Amy Bertinelli // EEW Magazine Dianna Hobbs is challenging Christians to physically disarm and put on the armor of God instead. The EEW Magazine President, along with other influential leaders across the nation, participated in a PBS Town Hall on “Faith and Guns” airing May 10, 2016. The conversation surrounds The Armor of […]

A church congregation is counting their blessings after a man made his way inside service with multiple guns on Easter Sunday. Police said security told them they saw a man who was carrying multiple guns in the sanctuary. “Why would you bring a weapon of any kind to the sanctuary on Resurrection Sunday?” questioned Emmanuel Cole, who […]

The Rev. Brady Boyd believes there is no safer place to be Sunday morning than inside his church.  When Boyd takes to the pulpit at New Life Church, in Colorado Springs, Colo., he and the faithful are well protected. The 30-acre grounds are patrolled by uniformed police officers and an armed safety team made up […]

President Barack Obama will answer questions Thursday evening on the thorny issue of the right to keep and bear arms.

Families in Savannah, Ga. were left reeling after at least two gunmen opened fire, wounding three men and killing a woman early Wednesday morning.


Two people have been shot at a TSU student housing complex. It has been confirmed that one of the victims has died.

The mother, who is a registured nurse and had moved with her son to Oregon two years ago, gave a lot of helpful advise with…

UPDATED: Thursday, October 1, 2015 5:03 PM EST The suspected gunman who authorities say opened fire at a community college in Oregon, killing 13 and…

A White South Dakota man dreamed up what he thought was the perfect alibi after he accidentally shot himself -- he blamed it on a Black man

James Minter will appear in court today after opening fire on his girlfriend, their infant son, and their pastor at Oasis Tabernacle Church in East…