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CHICAGO — A federal judge on Monday postponed the sentencing hearing for former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, noting it was being…

Convicted former Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi Jackson are going to jail, however, Jesse Jr. would like to serve his time before she serves hers.


Friday, Jesse Jackson Jr pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. secretly returned to work, apparently last month, for a short time, according to Chicago’s WLS-TV.

The investigation of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. for possible misuse of campaign funds has expanded to include his wife’s conduct, which has become a subject in continuing plea negotiations, according to two people familiar with the case.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. says he’s humbled and moved by the support voters have shown through his illness. The Chicago Democrat easily won re-election to a ninth full term Tuesday.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has been arrested in a group of protesting northern Illinois workers during an act of civil disobedience in Freeport, Ill.

In his first public comments since being admitted to the Mayo Clinic and treated for bipolar disorder, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. said he is “not well” and visits the hospital twice a day.

Doctors have discovered that Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is actually suffering from bipolar disorder, reported the Mayo Clinic on Monday.

Jessie Jackson, Jr. recently took a leave of absence from Congress after being hospitalized for depression. When his father, Jesse Jackson, was asked about it, he had this to say...