NEW YORK (AP) — Someone with a gun opened fire on a street as students were let out of school Friday afternoon, killing one parent who had tried to shield children from harm and injuring an 11-year-old girl and another parent, police and school officials said. The shooting happened at about 2:30 p.m., and police were […]

Kids imagination is an awesome thing. We know this because we were all kids before. We could play outside for hours imagining the wildest things. Now you have kids and you often wonder what they are imagining when they play with all the new toys that we didn’t have when we were growing up. Well if you […]

Stop introducing dudes to your children as their new potential father. Why does it always have to be, “Lil Stevie, this is Mommy’s friiieeeennnd. We are only friiieeeennnds. He is a really nice guy, I think you will like him. But if you don’t, it’s okay, no pressure. Now I am going to go and fix […]

Big thanks to Keyshia Cole and Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson for giving away much needed school suplies in Cleveland at Tower City Mall.

Just a few hours after Terry McMillan went on a Twitter rant against Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith for “pimping and exploiting” their kids Jaden and Willow, she’s issued an apology.

Vivica A. Fox wants to try and have a baby with her new fiancé Omar ‘Slim’ White as soon as possible. A source says that she “desperately wants children Omar even although she knows the clock is ticking.”

Test-heavy, tough love education is “in” – it’s urgent and necessary for America to stay competitive, we’re told. Now, a new documentary with a different narrative is gaining momentum.

 Just ten days ’til Christmas and if you’re trying to save some money this year, wait until you see what we were able to buy for just $20. Seven gifts for $20 dollars but this time it’s for kids.  First on the list, some polar hoods. At just $2.50 it was a definite buy. Then on to the […]

Even though 2Pac is one of the most heavily bootlegged rappers ever, apparently we haven’t heard everything that the murdered rapper laid to tape.

Do you want to spice up and surprise your kids with a different style of breakfast? If you’re kids love pizza, why don’t you try a breakfast pizza one morning? 

I grew up in a single parent home were I never knew my father. Even though I would still love to meet him, I’m so thankful I had my mother and the rest of my family. Sometimes I wonder how it would’ve been having both of my parents around. Could we have survived as a family […]

LeBron tossed volleyball camp kids out of gym so he could work out? Wed Jul 28,2010 2:45 PM ETBy Rick Chandler Uh oh, more potential PR trouble for LeBronny. Here’s another tweet on the matter: MatthewLaWell First #LeBron unleashes The Decision. Then his cronies spike a story on his hedonism. Now, from @SamAmicoNBA, news he booted […]