Lady Gaga’s full Super Bowl 50 National Anthem performance. She sang at the Panthers vs Broncos game. CLICK HERE to read story source:

Kris Humphries got his behind handed to him after posting what many saw as a derogatory tweet against his step-father-in-law-of-72-days, Bruce Jenner, reports the New York…

Lady Gaga hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live. Don’t think anyone expected the steamy performance we got with her and R.Kelly. Watch below LIKE…

via CNN Lady Gaga canceled her concert in Indonesia, her management said Sunday, citing security concerns after Islamic hardliners denounced her costumes and dance moves as too risqué. If the concert is held, there are concerns the singer, her crew and attendees may be in harm’s way, said Minola Sebayang, the lawyer for the promoters. […]

Did you see President Obama sing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together?” Well 93.1 WZAK’s Haz Matt put a new spin on it! Check it out below! President Obama Sings “Let’s Stay Together” [VIDEO] President Obama Gets First Dibs on Jordan Spizikes! The Best Tweets On President Obama’s State Of The Union 2012

Santigold goes virtually unknown in her Brooklyn neighborhood, but if you put her on a stage, someone is bound to remember her. After her 2008 debut and a Jay-Z feature, Santigold is gearing up for the release of her anticipated follow up, Master of My Make-Believe. The first offering from the sophomore disc is “Big […]

More tidbits and cute pics have emerged from Nicki Minaj’s ‘Cosmopolitan’ feature in which she shows off her girlie smile for the November cover story.  Inside, she reveals her pre-career suicidal thoughts as well as how she’s played the game as a female in the industry.  She also speaks on the Lady Gaga comparisons and […]

In an attempt to never go a day without raising eyebrows, pop sensation Lady GaGa caused a little ruckus last night when she decided to wear a pair of boots with heels shaped as penises during her appearance on American Idol.

Have you seen Lady Gaga’s new “Judas” video? As always, she’s managed to stir up some controversy surrounding the content of the video which some describe as Illuminati references and underhanded blasphemous connotations. In the video, she plays Mary Magdalene who is caught in a love triangle between Judas and the Son Of God.

The pop star attempts to create a Madonna-like controversy, but can’t raise the Vatican’s ire A lot of people compare Madonna’s work with Lady Gaga’s, and in most cases the younger model has found ways to do it bigger, weirder, and more disturbingly than her predecessor. But there is one place where Gaga can’t hold […]

Watch the premiere of Lady Gaga‘s new music video “Born This Way,” the title track from her upcoming album due in stores May 23rd.

Watch the premiere of Lady Gaga‘s new music video “Born This Way,” the title track from her upcoming album due in stores May 23rd.