She might be alright but something is cleary wrong with him! LeBron James does karoake? American Idol is not in the present future!

A lawsuit brought against Lebron James by a man claiming to be the NBA star’s father, has been dismissed by a Washington, D.C. judge. Leicester Bryce Stovell’ claims were rejected because he could not prove them and had “not identified any damages.” Stovall has accused James’ mother Gloria of tampering with a paternity test. Stovall, […]

When the Miami Heat go to Cleveland tomorrow, LeBron will not only be playing against his old team, he will be playing against his old fans as well. The groups known as Cavs Chants and Laugh at LeBron have set up an unofficial guide to teasing the “King” as he plays his first game as […]

In an interview with CNN LeBron James said that race played a factor in the hate he’s received for leaving Cleveland. “I think so at times,” LeBron answered when asked by Soledad O’Brien if race played a role in the backlash.

Lebron James Jr. was all smiles as he headed off to his first day of kindergarten. Lebron seemed equally excited as he tweeted a video tour of his son’s Kindergarten classroom.  Wifey Savannah makes a brief appearance as well as Mama James who was pressed for some camera time. Lebron’s girlfriend Savannah has decided to stay […]

AKRON – Those looking for an outpouring of hate toward LeBron James should look elsewhere. James was in town for his annual “King for Kids Bikeathon” on Saturday morning in downtown Akron. Even though there’s still much hostility toward James in many parts of Northeast Ohio, you won’t find it in Akron. He’s still very […]

By Roland S. Martin August 1, 2010 LeBron James is a grown man who made a grownup decision to take his massive basketball-playing ability from Cleveland to Miami in a desire to get the one thing every true baller desires: the opportunity to call yourself a champion. Forget all the nonsense about him “owing” his […]

Less than a month ago, billboards and signs posted between Cleveland and LeBron James’s hometown of Akron implored him to stay. Now one local marketing company wants to make sure James, who was born and raised in Akron, knows he may be welcome there, but he’s no longer home. A billboard says “Welcome Home LeBron,” […]

LeBron tossed volleyball camp kids out of gym so he could work out? Wed Jul 28,2010 2:45 PM ETBy Rick Chandler Uh oh, more potential PR trouble for LeBronny. Here’s another tweet on the matter: MatthewLaWell First #LeBron unleashes The Decision. Then his cronies spike a story on his hedonism. Now, from @SamAmicoNBA, news he booted […]

Cleveland fans have not been quick to forgive LeBron James for the way he left his hometown team for the Miami Heat, and Wednesday night’s Indians game is the most recent example of the city’s disdain for its former “King.” A fan wore James’ new Miami Heat jersey to the Indians and New York Yankees […]

*Lebron’s “decision” will never be forgotten, and the nation’s basketball fans won’t let him live it down. Bball legend, Magic Johnson shared his thoughts about the newly adopted Miami Heat player. He told Bloomberg News that he would never team up with Larry Bird to win a championship. “We didn’t think about it cause that’s […]

*In a 2009 video that has just recently surfaced, NBA legend Michael Jordan was asked to weigh in on the debate about the league’s current best player – Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? The Web site Ball Don’t Lie uncovered the clip, which was shot last year at one of Jordan’s basketball camps – before […]