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Yes, Jamie Foxx is known as an award-winning actor and a singer, but his origins as a comedian come through in his impersonations, from President…

A firestorm is brewing across the internets, as news is getting around about the disrespectful treatment of veteran radio show host Michael Baisden and his staff this past week. Apparently, they found themselves denied access to their studios! Yep! The Michael Baisden Show was cancelled and the staff was summarily locked out of the studio! According to  HipHopNews24-7.com , there […]

Remember #JordanDavis Turn Up Your Radio For Justice Turn your radio ALL THE WAY UP tomorrow Friday at 5pm in honor of Jordan Davis, the slain 17-year-old…

On Saturday, CentricTV will air Michael Baisden’s documentary, “Do Women Know What They Want?” I saw the previews for the film last weekend, and as I watched the snippet on the website, it’s clear the special is of the Steve Harvey ilk: “Let me fix women’s expectations about men so they can stop whining about why […]

Do you tell? What if you see evidence that your friend’s partner is cheating on them?

16 and Pregnant! Why are so many of our teens becoming parents and what are the challenges of raising kids as a teen?