A 34-year-old man was arrested in San Diego, Calif., and charged with the sexual trafficking of a minor during an “incall” at a local hotel, The…

We all know Dr.Dre has a reputation of being a bad boy, but apparently he is also a self proclaimed ladies man.  I was shocked to see a toddler talking like a big boy.  Not only does he have the vocabulary of a high school student, but he’s got a sassy little mouth on him too!

BRILLIANT, Ohio — Police have arrested a woman they say let a man have sex with her 14-year-old daughter in exchange for money and crack cocaine.

TMZ reports that the underage girl involved in the Lawrence Taylor rape case says she was ordered by her pimp to say that she was 19 and not 16. NEW YORK – The man who authorities say set up football star Lawrence Taylor with a 16-year-old runaway has been charged with sex trafficking of a […]