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Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss how America would look if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.


A Gambian model, who has gained notoriety for her rich, dark skin tone, came under attack on social media after a follower accused her of being a White woman in blackface.

Donald Trump swept to primary victories Tuesday in Michigan and Mississippi, putting even more pressure on rivals who are trying to stop his drive for the Republican presidential nomination. “It shows you how brilliant the public is,” Trump said in claiming victories despite a week of “horrible lies” told about him by opponents and “special […]

The New York Times has an awesome breakdown of voting data from the 2012 Presidential election.

The Jewish Council on Research and Education released a new ad this morning — featuring the legendary Samuel L. Jackson — in which the movie…

In an effort to invigorate the black vote, the Lake County Democratic Party Black Caucus hosted a forum Saturday to get blacks to the polls in November.