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Hi Sam! My name is — and I am 38 year old single female. I am curious to see how your listeners really feel about this subject. I have been dating this great guy for about 8 months now-the only problem is that he is married. I have known the whole time. My best friend […]

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In the new reality show “Bringing Up Ballers” Heather Williams the wife of Ex-NBA player Aaron Williams are Ex’s that are co-parenting. To speed things up a little Heather seems annoyed to learn that her ex has had a relationship with one of Bring Up Ballers cast mates, Peyton Wilborn, and questions her ex about […]

  Getting married is joyous at any age, but Millie Taylor Ferguson’s fabulous wedding pictures went viral not only because she was gorgeous, but because she’s 86! Now, more of the details of her and her new husband’s love story have emerged and it just goes to show you, it’s never too late to find […]

Most married men live by the mantra – “happy wife, happy life.” Well, whoever came up with that saying wasn’t lying, according to a new study published in the medical journal Health Psychology. Research shows that good and bad physical health is determined by the happiness of a person’s wife or husband. More than 1,900 […]

GETTY IMAGES: Tina Knowles-Lawson, known to many as the mother of famed singers Beyoncé and Solange, is revealing how prayer led to her marriage to actor Richard Lawson last year. As Knowles-Lawson filed for divorce from Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, in 2010 after reports of infidelities surfaced, she decided to pray for her future husband, […]

Article by Julianne Collins // EEW Magazine Purity Abstinence seems unrealistic nowadays, due to the pervasive sex culture of our society. The struggle is real for singles who are constantly seeing premarital sex being advertised as “the norm” and “empowering.” How can you avoid something that is present all around us? Here are 5 tips […]

getty image: Article By Mary Anderson // EEW Magazine // LIFESTYLE If you want to do God’s will and soar to the heights He has for you, you have to ask yourself, “Who am I connected to?” and “Are they helping me grow?” Here are 10 signs your friends aren’t healthy. #1 They are a […]

getty image: Tichina Arnold has been really transparent about her husband making a sex tape with another woman. Now, “Pam” is giving details. Six months after news broke that Tichina Arnold sent video evidence of her husband Rico Hines’ multiple affairs, the “Survivor’s Remorse” star is sitting down with#ThePreachers to explain – FOR THE VERY […]


Ladies — when you're shopping around for a new car, shoes, or clothes, you give yourself options. So why doesn't that theory apply to your dating life?


Watch Roland Martin, A.R. Bernard, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Four Things Women Want From A Man in the video clip above.

DeVon Franklin and his actress wife, Meagan Good, released a book centered around relationships earlier this year, but the Hollywood executive and minister insists that people need to figure out who they are before looking to obtain a significant other. “When you don’t have a clear idea of who you are and a sense of […]

ChristianMingle® announced today its newest partnership under its co-branded church initiative with one of the fastest growing churches in the nation, The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX. Since launching this initiative in late February, ChristianMingle has been enabling single Christians within congregations to easily connect with one another on ChristianMingle through dedicated search capabilities, discounted […]