CLEVELAND – The “What’s Going on remix song was made in October as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. The Cleveland man behind it,…

Damn, Beyonce is doing the damn thing body wise in this video. This had to be way before the pregnancy… Source: Bossip Most Popular Articles Serial Rapist Targeting Women of Delta Sigma Theta! Webbie on Getting Kicked Off Of 106&Park: “Ima Beat Terrence J Up!” [VIDEO] Bad Girls Club Ms. Cat Talks About Dating Drake; […]

One of R&B’s leading freshmen Miguel found favor on singles charts when his hit ‘Sure Thing’ took off.  While it’s follow-up ‘Quickie’ did not see much of the same success as quickly,  a string of recent promotional treks have found it rebounding on the Hot 100 and R&B singles charts. Assuredly hoping to give it […]

Estelle In Cleveland [PLAYLIST] Estelle brings it back to that ‘good feeling’ R&B/Hip-Hop with her brand new “Break My Heart (Remix)” featuring Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss & Busta Rhymes.

By now mostly everyone has seen the video of the F-U pastor, if not watch the video below and then check out the remix. Brought to you by Cleveland RA Vernon who changed the meaning of the F-word in a sermon. Most Views Juanita Bynum Offers Advice To Bishop Eddie Long Kirk Franklin’s Hello […]

This joint might have to grow on me, but hey… Thats just me. What do you think