Short Film

Starboy The Weeknd is rolling out his new album in the form of a short film titled M A N I A. Released by, the King of self promotion, The Weeknd. M A N I A is just simply M A S T E R F U L. See M A N I A below:

Tyrese has sure come a long way from playing “Jody” on Baby Boy. Check out Tyrese’s current masterpiece a short film/music video that will surely make you want to see an extended version.  The short film stars Tyrese of course and co-stars the rising star of FOX Empire’s V. Bozeman. As always please watch and […]

Just after shocking us all with a crazy Power finale, 50 Cent drops a new video to keep fans guessing. Delivering the short film for…

Rihanna re-visits her past in a new short film in conjunction with her editorial spread in Elle magazine. The red hot singer recants her relationship…

Alicia Keys joined fellow stars Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore this morning on ‘Good Morning America’ to promote their breast cancer movie Five, which they co-directed. The ladies shared powerful stories about their characters and Alicia spoke about being bitten by the directing bug. “This was my first time directing and I am in love,” […]

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Lifetime is preparing to release its groundbreaking film “Five,” which is comprised of five short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives. [Scroll down to watch the promo.] As reported last summer, Alicia Keys directs one of the shorts, titled “Lili,” with Rosario Dawson in […]

In North America 15% to 25% of women are sexually abused as children. Most sexual abuse offenders are aquainted with their victims. Sexual abuse is a real issue in our every day community. Please watch this short film by Ray Jr. that address’s and sheds light on this topic. Big ups to Clevelands on Ray […]