Our teenagers have never known a world without smartphone technology. This is both good and bad. Given the bad stuff that we have walked through with many families in recent years (porn addiction, bullying, self-esteem rooted in number of likes) there is part of me that wishes it would all go away. It’s not going […]

1. It’s slowly ruining your vision. Using your smartphone, tablet or laptop for hours upon hours at a time can ruin your vision. It leads to…

Your friends can tell where you are and what you’re up to but are you also giving creeps a detailed map of your daily routine. Many smartphones and digital cameras come with geotagging capabilities, which means the location the photo was taken is added to the photo. This information is then used by some applications, for instance to sort photos […]

New York — As smartphone platforms battle each other for dominance, a new study may provide some insight into which groups of people are buying different phones. Recent data released by Nielsen shows that at least among Asians (which includes Pacific Islanders) and African-Americans, certain platforms reign supreme. Thirty-six percent of Asians with smartphones have […]