50 Cent raps about being in the club, getting drunk, getting shot at, hooking up with women, selling drugs and just living that street life, but who knew that in real life, the bad boy spends most of his time by himself working, doesn’t drink or smoke, and meditates regularly. Breaking from his hard Queens, […]

via cnn.com A British couple kidnapped by pirates has been released after more than a year in captivity, Somali leaders said Sunday. Paul and Rachel Chandler were seized from their yacht in October last year, just after they set sail from the Seychelles Islands for Tanzania. A ransom of about $750,000 was paid for their […]

A Somali man has admitted attacking a US warship in April after mistaking it for a merchant vessel. Jama Idle Ibrahim and five others chased the USS Ashland and opened fire on it before being captured, court papers said. He pleaded guilty to piracy-related charges in Norfolk, Virginia, and faces 30 years in jail. Five […]

    FBI agents raided two homes in New Jersey in connection to the arrests, the Newark Star-Ledger says. Two New Jersey men arrested at a New York airport planned to travel to Somalia to “wage violent jihad,” and also had expressed a willingness to commit violent acts in the United States, according to prosecutors […]