Everyone knows I am part time Fit Girl part time Party Girl! I’m always looking for light ways to sip after I tricep dip, so when I came across Owl’s Brew, fresh-brewed and ready-to-pour tea crafted for cocktails, I had to share. So get ready to turn those winter tea time dates to bonafide springtime happy […]

The NAACP has released a report which shows the connections between the Tea Party and hate groups, anti-semites and white supremacist groups. Here is the introduction: The result of this study contravenes many of the Tea Parties’ self-invented myths, particularly their supposedly sole concentration on budget deficits, taxes and the power of the federal government, […]

Black members of the tea party movement on Wednesday denied accusations that the group’s activists are racist, saying they oppose President Barack Obama strictly because of his policies. The members met at a Washington news conference in the wake of allegations about its leadership, heightened by the recent split with a Tea Party Express leader […]

From NAACP After the passing of this week’s resolution to encourage Tea Party leaders to repudiate racism within their ranks, the NAACP has received a number of death threats at local units and chapters around the country. The following chilling voice message was left at the NAACP’s Hollywood Bureau. To Listen To The Voice Message […]