The mothers are reportedly holding photos of their slain sons in the mysterious video. https://twitter.com/TheBeyHiveTeam/status/713759112031395842 Fans noticed 13 unlisted videos were uploaded to the singer’s Vevo page and her iTunes page was down temporarily on March 23. Rumors of an April album release have been bubbling for months, and new updates on her music pages […]

  Despite the release, Richmond (pictured right) would still have to register as a sex offender for the next two decades.   One of the…

It was a chilly, clear Saturday evening in February when Andrake Kelley, 15, was shot and later passed away. No one could have expected that the fatal shot was by his brother, Andrew Kelley, 16.

Facebook’s alleged revenue for 2009 might come as a colossal relief to those managing the company’s public relations- not least of all because the online giant’s reputation has remained largely unharmed by a spate of murders linked intimately to the Facebook brand name. The latest series of legal proceedings to rely on evidence sourced from […]