Nine-year-old Natasha Leininger read a book about another child who raised funds for charity by shooting baskets, so she tried to shoot baskets to raise funds for a charity project. After shooting 1,000 three throws, Natasha only made 4, so basketball was out — but she still had a vision for helping children in Africa. […]

KAMPALA, Uganda — A Ugandan parliament committee on Monday held a second day of hearings on a controversial anti-gay bill that attracted international condemnation for its harsh penalties. Lawmakers indicated the bill could be voted on this week. The bill was first proposed in 2009 but made little progress after a storm of criticism over […]

Jiggers, small flea like creatures that can cause body parts to rot is affecting thousands of people in Uganda and has killed 20 people in just two months. The Canadian Press Reports: KAMPALA, Uganda — A disease whose progression and symptoms seem straight out of a horror movie but which can be treated has killed […]

An unexploded suicide belt has been found in Kampala after Sunday’s deadly attack on people watching the World Cup final on TV, Ugandan officials say. They also say that an unspecified number of people have been arrested. More Here