Recently I was listening to my boyfriend and his friends discuss the reasons why some of them prefer White women over Black women. Many of their reasons were purely based on superficial factors, which bothered me. It is one thing to date someone because you like them as a person and could care less about […]

A grand jury has indicted a white South Carolina man on charges he killed his black friend and dragged his body behind a truck. Prosecutor Jerry Peace said 19-year-old Gregory Collins was indicted Friday for murder, desecrating a body and possessing a weapon during a violent crime. Peace said it becomes a case on the […]

From the Seattle Medium: On Friday, The Black Law Enforcement Association of Washington (BLEAW) publicly defended the actions of Seattle Police Officer Ian Walsh, the officer who punched a 17-year-old Black female in the face after jaywalking incident escalated in to volatile situation, and denounced the actions of the two Black women involved in the […]

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – A teacher in Gwinnett County is also under fire for allowing a KKK re-enactment. Students in one Sweetwater Middle School class dressed up in white robes during history class. It was an 8th grade social studies project for students at Sweetwater Middle School. Teacher Stephanie Hunte told the students to choose a […]

Are children color blind in America? CNN has come to the conclusion that a large percentage of them are!

From The UK Guardian A huge wealth gap has opened up between black and white people in the US over the past quarter of a century – a difference sufficient to put two children through university – because of racial discrimination and economic policies that favour the affluent. A typical white family is now five […]

(CBS) President Obama delivered the commencement address today at Virginia’s Hampton University – his first as president to a predominantly African-American school. Fifty-five percent of African-American high school seniors go on to college these days, compared to 45 percent in 1970. But graduation day is another story, as CBS News correspondent Russ Mitchell reports. At Hampton University, […]

Many people have speculated about Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra’s background. She was famously portrayed by white actress, Elizabeth Taylor and is often pictured as a Greek or European woman. However, scientists have managed to recreate what her face would’ve looked like and she looks more like an African-American woman.