Uh oh! Well we’ve reported on this in the past now the New York Post has done an investigation into ALL of the $16 million dollars many hip hop kids gave to Wyclef to help Haiti. If Wyclef responds to blackmediascoop@gmail.com – we will post but for right now – here’s the New York Post. […]

Wyclef Jean posted this photo on his Twitter account of him shaking hands with Haiti’s President Rene Preval hours after their Aug. 29 meeting Wyclef Jean met with Haitian President Rene Preval for more than two hours on Thursday, touching off a new round of speculation as to whether the singer will be allowed to […]

Wyclef Jean’s name will reportedly be gone from November’s ballot in Haiti’s presidential election. The Grammy-winning Fugees star did not satisfy legal requirements to run in the Nov. 28 election, Reuters reported Thursday, citing a member of the provisional electoral council. “He is not on the list as I speak,” the council official told Reuters, […]

The rumor mill is spinning- straight outta Wyclef Jean‘s Camp- that The Fugees’ front man may run for President of Haiti. I can dig it. He’d better get a move on. The elections are Nov. 28th, and one must register by Aug. 7 if one wants to be a candidate. Wyclef LOVES his homeland, and if you’ve followed […]