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It was stunning to watch the memorial service in Tucson and to look at the reaction from the people in that city. A lot of people were saying that, “Well, this really wasn’t a memorial service; it was a pep rally.” But it was clear that it was a celebration of life, a celebration of freedom that took place there. For five days – five days – that town, they were mourning people. They – they were sitting here, shocked by the shooting that took place, and so the memorial service was in many ways a release.

To the – all the critics: You know what? Shut up. Okay? Cut the nonsense in terms of what is traditional, and ‘it should have been done a certain way.’ The President, I believe, was moved by what he heard, by what he saw. There was no doubt he wanted to be more solid in his speech, but the people there – they said, “No, Mr. President. We’re going to move you to a different level.” And every smart speaker always knows that you read the room, and you read it appropriately to understand what the tone is.

And so I say, “Tucson, keep doing you and forget all the critics who say you should’ve mourned – or, you should – you should have had a memorial service a different way.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?