Roland Martin recently had a Twitter battle with Pastor Jamal Bryant about their respective fraternities. Bryant is a Kappa and Roland is an Alpha.  As they were exchanging blows, a few sanctimonious people come along and said, “You shouldn’t be doing this. Both of you are respected. Why aren’t you sitting here talking about the […]

Roland Martin expresses the importance of supporting African-American filmmakers because if we do not support them no one else will. WATCH:

It’s amazing how so many fans always want to see players give their all on the field. And, look. I understand that, but you saw the reaction to Jake Cutler. When he chose not to play in the NFC championship game because of a knee injury, you had people condemning him, trashing him for saying […]

It was stunning to watch the memorial service in Tucson and to look at the reaction from the people in that city. A lot of people were saying that, “Well, this really wasn’t a memorial service; it was a pep rally.” But it was clear that it was a celebration of life, a celebration of […]

With millions of Americans out of work, don’t you think it sounds pretty stupid to have Sen. John Kyl and Sen. Jim DeMint complaining about having to work around the Christmas holidays? Seriously. These two senators have complained that Sen. Harry Reid has them working during the Christmas break, because they say it’s unfair with […]