White House

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested that the federal government should stop spending money to sue police departments during a speech before the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington Tuesday.

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s newest executive orders target a water-protection rule and elevate an initiative on historically black colleges and universities into the White House. Trump signed the executive orders in back-to-back signing ceremonies at the White House on Tuesday. The first seeks to undo the Waters of the United States rule, an Obama administration […]

The Senate's three Black lawmakers discuss how to move the community forward in a Facebook Live chat.


A judge sentenced couple Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Rae Norton Monday to a combined 35 years for terrorizing and harassing guests at an African-American child's birthday party with confederate flags, racial slurs and threats in Douglassville, Georgia in 2015.

Former President Barack Obama (OMG! We miss you so much, you don’t even know!) wants to make it clear that President Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” is not based on policy from his presidency. According to the Washington Post, Trump claimed that his new immigration executive order is a lot like a 2011 ban on Iraqi […]

And then, there were two. On Sunday, Feb. 5, the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots will face one another in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots will be making their ninth Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, while the Falcons will be looking to hoist their first Vince Lombardi Trophy in their second Super Bowl appearance. […]

via BBC News The White House has rejected a petition to build a Death Star – a huge battle-station armed with a superlaser as seen in the Star Wars films. In a playful response, a senior US government official said the Obama administration “does not support blowing up planets”. The official also said the cost […]

Wednesday night it was former President Bill Clinton’s turn and like Mrs. Obama, Mr. Clinton also hit one outta da park!

We tend to think that white people, regardless of class, have access to everything and fit every stereotype known to man. But The Washington Post says some of your assumptions may be wrong. SEE ALSO: HBO Film To Focus On Interracial Relationships Show Whitney Some Respect You think working-class whites are more religious than upper-class […]

In what has been a holding pattern for the GOP and President Barack Obama, House Republicans and GOP Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have taken sharp digs at the budget plan Obama unveiled early Monday. The potentially contentious battle over taxes and the GOP resistance to all things coming out of the White […]