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Alison Carey Scott is the sister of mega star Mariah Carey, and while Mimi is on top of the world expecting her very own children, according to The Enquirer her sibling is selling her body to make ends meet. Not only is Alison a prostitute but she is also HIV Positive. She promotes her “business” on the Long Island, N.Y. edition of While Alison claims to be 39 in her ad, she is actually 46 and charges $250 for a “house call.” Alison says she is not having sex for money but provides “erotic body rubs” and “personal companionship.” Allison says “I’ve been forced to do this because my family refuses to help me financially. “For weeks, I was driving in a vehicle with practically no brakes. It was unsafe, so I reached out to my family for help, but they basically ignored me. I wish I didn’t have to make a living by hooking up with strangers on the Internet, but sometimes I feel like I don’t have any other choice.” Mariah has paid for Alison to go to rehab several times the report states. Alison has had HIV since the 90’s and has four children.

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