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Yesterday, Grant Hill (NBA star and former Duke University stand out), wrote an article in the New York Times as a response to the comments that filmmaker, Jalen Rose,  made in a ESPN Film entitled  “The Fab Five” stating Duke only hired black players that were considered “Uncle Toms.”  He felt the comments were “sad” and “pathetic”.

(The New York Times) by Grant Hill:

I am a fan, friend and longtime competitor of the Fab Five. I have competed against Jalen Rose and Chris Webber since the age of 13. At Michigan, the Fab Five represented a cultural phenomenon that impacted the country in a permanent and positive way. The very idea of the Fab Five elicited pride and promise in much the same way the Georgetown teams did in the mid-1980s when I was in high school and idolized them. Their journey from youthful icons to successful men today is a road map for so many young, black men (and women) who saw their journey through the powerful documentary, “The Fab Five.” (Read entire article)

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