Donald Trump offers tax reform in the wake of The New York Times article outing him for not paying taxes and losing almost $1 billion.


Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes, but thanks to a New York Times article, we may now know why he is reluctant to share the info.


As Blacks gain more wealth, they generally move to richer, Whiter neighborhoods, but a new report has debunked that idea.

SAM FALK/THE NEW YORK TIMES 1964: “Princeton’s two elementary schools were integrated 16 years ago,” The Times reported. “Thus began a three-act racial drama — first, a period of Negro hopes; next, Negro frustration and disillusionment; and then, a limited degree of fulfillment.” The New York Times is diving into its photo archive this month in […]


Rev. Al Sharpton held a news conference on Wednesday to address allegations that he owes more than $4M in state and federal taxes. According to the…


The New York Times ran a story Sunday about some pretty remarkable changes to policing in Camden, New Jersey. The changes, led by community efforts and new…

  That’s the number of weeks Bishop TD Jakes’ new book Instinct: The Power to Unleash your Inborn Drive has been on the New York Times…

via BBC News   China has condemned as a “smear” a New York Times report saying Premier Wen Jiabao’s relatives have accumulated billions of dollars. The article said Mr Wen’s family members “have controlled assets worth at least $2.7bn”. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the report had “ulterior motives”. Both the NYT’s Chinese and English […]

Yesterday, Grant Hill (NBA star and former Duke University stand out), wrote an article in the New York Times as a response to the comments that filmmaker, Jalen Rose,  made in a ESPN Film entitled  “The Fab Five” stating Duke only hired black players that were considered “Uncle Toms.”  He felt the comments were “sad” […]