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Lies… it was all a pack of lies!!! Or at least that’s what Alicia Keys wants us to believe. The philanthropic singer/producer and actress finally addresses the whole messy homewrecking situation in her June 2011 ESSENCE magazine cover story.

Was the situation messy? Undoubtedly. But Keys denies she did anything wrong. “Everything was in order,” she says firmly. “We didn’t start seeing each other until after they had been separated for months.” Keys points out that up until now we’ve heard only one side of this three-sided story. “I was very aware of all the false things that were being said about me,” she says measuring each word. “And it definitely hurt. But I was sure that if I engaged, it would become a back-and-forth like some sort of sick entertainment, which goes against everything I believe in and only would have made things worse. Of course, people will believe what they want to believe. But I know the truth will shine through.

Alicia’s bestie Erika Rose (same chick some folks thought she was lezzbunned up with for the longest) is also on hand to chime in about her “character.”

“Alicia doesn’t get involved in tit for tat,” she says. “In fact, sometimes it’s kind of annoying. Like in those moments when I want to engage in a little girl chat, say about someone’s outfit, Alicia will never join in. I’m like, ‘Can you just have fun with me for two seconds and talk about how ridiculous she looks?’ She doesn’t participate. That’s just who she is.”

Well let’s just anoint her Saint Alicia already!

Alicia closes this portion of the interview by saying:

“Things are really good now. Kasseem is very present in his children’s lives. I wouldn’t be able

to love him otherwise. We’re doing what’s best for the children. That’s always been the most important thing. I look forward to helping them shine. They are all so phenomenal and I love them so much.

Sounds like somebody got the last word on the subject… or at least what she hopes is the last word.

Here’s a couple more quotes…

Swizzy on his wife’s many talents:

“My wife’s music is on par with the greats like Marvin and Stevie. She’s ahead of her time.”

Alicia on their relationship:

“Our relationship definitely grew from a friendship. It’s really beautiful to be understood without a lot of excess talking. With Kasseem, I can be my true self, and he can be his true self and we shine equally. When we are in the same room, nobody falls in the shadow.”

Uh, we don’t know about that one. Homegirl may have some self esteem issues if she doesn’t realize she’s the bigger star in that relationship.

Oh well. Alicia also reveals that her son Egypt was named in honor of an inspirational trip she took to the North African nation.

You can pick up the issue on stands now.

What do y’all think?


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