There's something about a capsized marriage that bothers people who are on the outside looking in. These days, after all, it starts to seem like every marriage is just a divorce waiting to happen.

You’ve thought about it… a few times to be honest. But have you ever actually attempted to have sex like a man? Let me rephrase. It’s unfair to assume all men have the same thoughts and behaviors when it comes to sex. I mean could you have sex with multiple partners with no commitment? This […]

Lies… it was all a pack of lies!!! Or at least that’s what Alicia Keys wants us to believe. The philanthropic singer/producer and actress finally addresses the whole messy homewrecking situation in her June 2011 ESSENCE magazine cover story. Was the situation messy? Undoubtedly. But Keys denies she did anything wrong. “Everything was in order,” she says firmly. “We […]

Excerpt From Acts Of Faith – Daily Meditations For People Of Color – by Iyanla Vanzant We are always looking for the perfect relationship.  The goal is to find that perfect someone who will make your lives a better place to be.  It is unfortunate that we don’t realize perfection runs two ways.  In order […]