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No matter what direction life takes you, there are always times when you have to make the transition from one environment to another. Whether you are trying to decompress on vacation after a long stint at work or are just getting back after time off, there is a lot to think about when changing one’s mindset based on one’s surroundings.  Being thrown into a new atmosphere can be a drastic change, especially when you find yourself in a stricter environment.

Maybe you only had a short day’s notice and there was not enough time to mentally prepare for the daily grind, or perhaps you have had time to acquaint yourself with the idea of being productive, setting your sights on future goals that you have had in the back of your mind for months. It can be weird to think about changing the pace of one’s life, going from sleeping late and beach reading to the daunting task of focusing one’s mind, but there are definitely ways to ease the transition and make the changes flow into every day life. Middle grounds can be tricky to navigate, but these five tips below can help you get past the uneasy feelings of transitions and go full-force into a change for the better.

1. Make a schedule that works for you. It can be simple things like grabbing the same train every morning or getting breakfast from your favorite coffee shop on your way to the office. The more things that become predictable or relaxing, the easier it will be for you to get into a productive mindset. Other ideas would be to organize one’s clothes and necessities for work the night before, as to leave the next morning a stress-free commute, as well as create a check-off list for anything important you might forget. Creating the semblance of normalcy from the beginning is a great way to start off in a new environment, as it sets a precedent from the get-go!

2. List all of your goals out for yourself. If you start grounding your mind in the tasks you have to complete and what you want out of your work, it is possible to gain relaxation while still being in work mode. Having everything in order is always a great way to ease stress levels and make transitioning into a new environment all the more smooth. Goals are healthy, optimistic ways to remind yourself that you have dreams, ambitions, and places you want to go. It’s important to keep the faith, even when the transitions seem difficult. Once the transition period is over, all that will be there are the goals that you set for yourself!

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3. Create a balance early on. Don’t expect yourself to be fully absorbed in your work right away or you are just setting yourself up for failure. Slowly ease into the new routine, but be kind to yourself. While you should attempt to jump right in to a new routine on the first day, there is only so much transition you can take on in one day. Keep busy, but take breaks if you need them. Take a nice lunch out and decompress. When you’ve been out of the game for a while, it can be hard to It takes time to get into a full routine and gain a sense of what one is supposed to do with the time they are given.

4. Keep yourself healthy and well-rested. When you’re stressed out AND over-tired, everything just seems worse and you are unable to focus on the new-ness of the situation with clarity. Getting a good night’s sleep, a warm cup of coffee or whatever perks you up in the morning, and a delicious lunch while on-the-go can all be important points that help you be productive, yet also keep a strong well-being throughout the day. The mind is clearer when the body can focus!

5. Be positive about the changes you’re dealing with. Keeping the optimism and elev8ing yourself in terms of what you can accomplish is a healthy way to live your life. It’s important to continually remind yourself that you’re a strong, independent individual with lots of strengths and ambition. This transition is only a stepping stone to your eventual success in life and there is no reason you can’t pull through it. You can do it!

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