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In light of the surging wealth disparity and unemployment rate, among other socio-economic issues plaguing the country, Rev. Al Sharpton wrote a column in the Huffington Post, urging Americans —African-Americans in particular — to take more action in challenging the government.

In the column, Sharpton encourages African-Americans to address their issues at the National Action Network’s annual march in Washington on August 27, where Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be commemorated, and the unveiling of his national monument will take place.

An Excerpt Reads:

Consistently on the forefront of social justice and civil rights issues, we at National Action Network can think of no greater time than the present to convene and address many of these challenges at our annual march in Washington, D.C. on August 27th. Paying homage to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we will gather, rally and march for jobs, education, non-violence, equality across the board and our collective future. From the emancipator (Abraham Lincoln) to the liberator (Dr. King), we recognize our advancement, but as this Pew study so distinctly highlights, we have much work that remains before us.

Despite what many economists may have us believe, the poor and working-class are still struggling to gain employment, provide food and clothing for their children, maintain a roof over their heads and afford health care. And now there is no question that Blacks and Latinos are lagging generations behind Whites when it comes to wealth. When Whites are more likely to invest in stocks, they are more likely to sustain themselves as the market improves. But when people of color had invested in homes, they were the first ones to lose that equity — hence unable to pass on wealth to their children as well.



Wealth Gap Widens Whites, Minorities