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*Oprah’s got a new job at the Garden Mall in South Florida.

Well it’s not really her but someone who looks like her twin sister.

Waitress Charlette Cummings has been mistaken for Oprah for the past 20 years, minus three days. That’s her humorous way of saying that’s sum total of days when no one has asked her if she’s you-know-who.

“A few weeks ago, someone told me she believed I’m really Oprah but I’m waitressing for a TV prank,” Cummings told South Florida based Gossip Extra’s Jose Lambiet. “Even when I tell them I’m not her, they don’t believe me.”

She’s a server at PF Chang’s at the mall in Palm Beach Gardens. On some shifts, dozens of guests pull out their cell phones to take her picture or pose with her.

As a waitress she may make a living wage, but she figures she might have a better future as Oprah.

“A party planner saw me and we’ve been talking about me making celebrity lookalike appearances at private functions,” Cummings said. “Why not? I never thought about it but I can’t escape what I look like. But I’ve been practicing her signature.”

She might have a future in it, especially being 15 years younger. But she’s only 5 feet tall and deals with weight issues, just like her non-blood related counterpart.

She’s got everything the same: body type, eyes, mouth, and same raspy voice.

Weird, but interesting.

Want more? Check out this video report on Charlette: