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Late conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart had reportedly promised to release footage of President Barack Obama before his sudden death last week that he said would change the election.

Now, BuzzFeed has unearthed the video it believes Breitbart was referring to, according to the site’s editor-in-chief, Ben Smith.

In the 1991 video, which BuzzFeed licensed from WGBH Boston, a young Obama is shown speaking in support of Harvard’s first tenured black law professor, Derrick Bell. Bell was staging a protest over the lack of female black professors at the school, and was taking an unpaid leave until Harvard hired a woman of color.

In the video, seen below, Obama, who was then president of the Harvard Law Review, is shown praising Bell, while the professor stands nearby and a crowd cheers. Obama recalls how Bell spoke at an orientation for first-year students, and instead of lecturing the students, encouraged conversation.

Although the footage is not particularly controversial, conservative website Big Government, founded by Breitbart, is claiming that the video released by BuzzFeed is selectively edited, reports Huffington Post. It promises more video to come shortly.

BuzzFeed denied editing the video, and said the site published the video they purchased from WGBH in its entirety.

Source: EurWeb